Help your engineering team be more awesome.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could identify the underlying impediments to a really effective team, and get actionable ideas for increasing the awesomeness on a regular basis?

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Gauge Morale

Gain insight into your engineering team’s morale, what’s on their minds, and what’s keeping them from from doing their best.

Measure Progress

Measure progress toward the most awesome team, team members, and company.

Take Action

Collect actionable ideas for improving team morale and productivity during every sprint retrospective.

Have Awesome Sprint Retrospectives

The cornerstone of Agile software development is getting feedback from the team to constantly improve. Use Awesomeness to start the first 15 minutes of every retrospective to get that insight.

At the start of a sprint retrospective, each team member independently rates the three most important aspects of their work:

  • Themselves
  • Their team
  • The company

Roll Up Feedback to Executives

Are there common themes among teams? Use Awesomeness in your manager and executive meetings to fix problems before they get out of control.

Top Tech Companies Use Awesomeness

"We'd never had such a productive discussion in retrospectives until we started doing the Awesomeness voting and anonymous comments. It really changed the dynamic and enabled us to have a whole-group discussion that led to practical things we could do to get better outcomes."

"Awesomeness has given me unprecedented visibility at the crew level. It allows me to assess the mood of the developers, and address issues before they become problems. The trend data is incredibly valuable, and if I need to know what’s really going on, this is the first place I look."

"We'd stopped doing post mortems but Bruce showed us a different way to do them that was really productive, open, and honest without becoming confrontational. It was the best retrospective we'd ever done, and we make it a point to do them after every sprint now because we learn things every time."

Get Started & Learn More

Whether you already do retrospectives, post mortems or some other kind of feedback session — or it just sounds like a good idea — you can get started on the path to team awesomeness this week.

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